Wild Heart

rock n' roll for the soul

WILD HEART has been described as a fusion of fiery blues that incorporates the soulful elements of doo-wop and classic rock with a modern-day level of energy and cool. Based in San Diego, CA, the band formed around the talents of Kimmi Bitter (vocals, guitar), Kevin Whan (drums, vocals), and Ben Neal (bass, keys) in 2014. Between Kimmi's passion for old recorded blues music and Kevin's niche for catchy hooks and pop melodies, the two started writing quirky songs that combined vintage style with modern edge. Wild Heart beholds a unique chemistry of soulful vocals with American rock and roll, all while doing what they do best: entertain fans with a captivating and electrifying performance.

The Band

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Kimmi Bitter

Vocals | Guitar
With a strong affinity for the roots of American music, resides soulful and fierce singer-songwriter Kimmi Bitter. Originally, debilitated by the anxiety of performing, she was deemed a closet player for the first five years only singing for friends with lights turned off.
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Kevin Whan

Drums | Vocals
American singer-songwriter, Kevin Whan, has been playing music since he was 10 years old. With such a power to drive the beat and force of high energy drumming, its a show in itself.
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Ben Neal

Bass | Keys | Vocals
Multi-skilled musician and native to Santa Cruz. With an extreme knowledge of music theory, Ben Neal, has an instinctual ability to create catchy, rhythmic bass lines that penetrates to the soul.

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